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5 tips to stay on track this holiday season


The holiday season can be overwhelming and stressful, causing you to throw your healthy habits out the door. Prioritizing your health and wellness will help make this season stress-free leading you to feel your best going into the new year! Here are five healthy habits to aid you in staying on track during the busiest time of the year!


1: Plan your meals out the week before

Planning your meals out the week before allows you to grocery shop and meal prep before the craziness of the week takes over. Sitting down in the morning and planning meals for Monday through Saturday gives you one less thing to think about during the day. Once you have made your list, place a grocery pickup order or run to the nearest grocery store. Getting all your groceries before the week makes sure you do not have to make a mid-week grocery run or the five o'clock rush at the store. Coming home right after work to cook or eat already prepared meals allows you to spend extra time with your family.

2: Meet with a Registered Dietitian

Working with a dietitian will help you prioritize your health goals and prepare for your busy schedule. A dietitian sits down and helps make a well-balanced diet to accommodate any busy lifestyle while fueling your body properly.

3: Be the person that brings veggies to the holiday party

Holiday parties are normally full of treats and high-calorie food items, but being the person who brings fruits or vegetables ensures that there are nutrients and fiber in your meal. While you may think this is boring, you can make it cute by doing a charcuterie board with a low-calorie yogurt ranch or other low-calorie dipping sauces. You could also bring a big bowl of salad with vegetables on it as a side dish which creates comfort in knowing there will be at least one balanced choice at the event.

4: Plan your plate

When preparing your plate at events, prioritize whole foods and proteins before loading up on casseroles and other dishes, because many casseroles may leave you feeling sluggish due to higher fat and sodium levels. Try reaching for these last even though they are hard to resist. Fill your plate with a serving of protein, vegetables, and carbs to make a well-balanced meal. Making your plate even in these categories can limit over-eating high-calorie foods.

5: Don't be too hard on yourself

The holiday season is full of baked goods and fun get-togethers and allowing yourself to have a treat or beverage should not be off the table. Don't miss out on fun opportunities because you are being too strict, because a treat in the long run will not ruin your goals. Be cautious of having too many treats and be aware of your choices so that you can have fun while taking care of your body.


Make a free discovery call today with a registered dietitian here. A discovery call helps our dietitians learn more about your daily eating habits, health journey, and your health goals! We would love to work with you and help you start feeling your best! Prioritize taking care of yourself going into 2024!

Written by Emma Wilson and reviewed by Danielle Starmer RD

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