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6 Tips For Managing Celiac Disease While Traveling!

Reviewed by Danielle Starmer, RD LDN

Summer is right around the corner, which means traveling! Whether you are going down the road or across the country managing celiac disease while traveling can prove to be difficult. Here are some tips you can use while on vacation, so you can enjoy your food and have much needed relaxation!

1. Ask for Gluten free options

This one may sound obvious, but I had to mention it. If you are eating out ask your waiter or waitress if they have gluten free options. A lot of restaurants have several gluten free options now!

2. Prepare meals ahead of time

If you are going somewhere and you know there isn't a lot of gluten-free options you could always meal prep a couple of easy meals for yourself. You could make a gluten free pasta, bring something to put on the grill or bring the ingredients with you to cook there. Plus you'd save a little money while on vacation, and who doesn't love that?

3. Do your research

If you are traveling by plane and meal prep isn't an option research the area you are visiting! Look for local grocery stores with gluten free options and see which restaurant would have gluten free options. If possible, you could even call some of these locations and ask someone over the phone what gluten free options they have. Having a plan while traveling always helps!

4. Drink plenty of water

You should honestly always stick to this rule, because water is so essential to feeling good. But having plenty of water and keeping hydrated (especially when out in the sun) will help keep things moving in your digestive system.

5. Bring more than enough medication

If you have medication, bring way more than you think you might need! It is better to be over prepared than under. Also, make sure to pack some Tylenol if you need any extra assistance with the pain.

6. Give yourself a break

If you end up having a flare up do not panic, it happens to the best of us. Take your medication, lay down, and take a break from the vacation activities. If you are anything like me you might feel guilty for missing out on vacation activities, whether planned or not, but you shouldn't! Vacation is all about relaxing and feeling your best. So relax, there's plenty of time for activities. Just focus on feeling like the best version of yourself and alleviating your pain however you can.

If you need a little help incorporating a healthy diet into your lifestyle or are feeling overwhelmed with your digestive health, schedule a free 30-minute discovery call with Danielle here!

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