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5 Creative Ways To Move Your Body This Summer

Summer is officially here, which means outdoor activities are in full swing. Whether you are moving your body to help improve your health or just because you love it, here are some creative ways to stay active this summer!

1. Yoga or Meditation

Yoga is a fantastic way to get your heart pumping! It's actually a harder workout than some people may think. It requires strength and flexibility. Not only is it a wonderful way to move and stretch your muscles, but it has been shown to improve mental health as well.

2. Jumping

Jumping is a great way to elevate your heart rate quickly and work up a sweat. Whether jumping rope or on a trampoline, either way is a fun and exciting way to move your body. It is also an option that is affordable and can easily be done at home.

3. Dancing

No matter what type of dancing it is an exciting way to move that does not feel like a workout. You can do it out with friends or alone in your kitchen! Consider implementing dance breaks in between work and everyday chores this Summer.

4. Throwing a Frisbee

You could play frisbee golf or just toss around the frisbee in the backyard. This is a wonderful way to enjoy nature outside and get some extra steps in! If you don't have a frisbee you could always throw a football around.

5. Kayaking or Rowing

Although everyone may not have access to kayak, if you are able to I would highly recommend it. It's a wonderful arm workout and is very relaxing. If you cannot kayak, oftentimes your local gym has rowing machines..

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